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The Safety Sleeper™ FAQ

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» How does The Safety Sleeper™ differ from other enclosed beds?
Of course there are other enclosed beds, and there are other portable beds. But in contrast to sterile looking medical beds or flimsy tent beds, no other product combines so many features like The Safety Sleeper™ does.

The Safety Sleeper™ is
– light-weight
– portable
– enclosed
– durable
– stable
– easy to assemble/disassemble (no tools required!)
– safe
– provides a fun and friendly safe zone for kids and adults of all ages.

The Safety Sleeper™ was awarded a US patent confirming that it is a truly unique and innovative bed (patent number: US 7,971,596 B2).

» How do I know The Safety Sleeper™ bed will keep my child safe?

We designed and built The Safety Sleeper™ for our own son, Abram. We have used the bed since the summer of 2008. For the construction of the bedframe and canvas, we use only safe, high-quality materials, and each Safety Sleeper™ is thoroughly inspected before being shipped. We strive to continuously improve the bed, based on our personal experience and feedback from families who have used The Safety Sleeper™, to ensure your loved one’s safety.

» Read more about the features of The Safety Sleeper™.

» Where can I get financial help to purchase The Safety Sleeper™?

One of the biggest obstacles that prevents families from owning The Safety Sleeper™ is money. Knowing this, we have tried to reduce the production cost as much as possible without sacrificing safety and quality. We also offer a special needs discount.

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» How big is The Safety Sleeper™?
Enclosed and portable special needs bed for children and adults with Autism, Seizures, Epilepsy, Angelman’s Syndrome

This early model of the Safety Sleeper™ encloses a twin sized mattress.

The Safety Sleeper™ is available in US/Canada, European, UK/Ireland and Australian standard mattress sizes. Please click here for a complete overview.
The base of the enclosure completely encompasses a 10" high mattress and rests on the box spring, the tent-like polyester structure is 40" tall.
Customizations are often possible, so please contact us if you have a special situation.

» How do I care for my Safety Sleeper™?

The frame and polyester enclosure of The Safety Sleeper™ are made of heavy-duty, industrial-grade materials.

You can either spot-clean the polyester material, take it outside and hose it down or put it in a front-loading washing machine. We would recommend using an industrial size washer, like at a laundromat. Do not use bleach! Lay flat to air-dry (preferred), or use a dryer on cool setting.

In general, be sure to follow the following guidelines:
– Machine wash on delicate cycle, front loading machine only.
– All ZIPPERS must be CLOSED before washing.
– Tumble dry low heat only or line dry.
– Do not iron.
– Do not dry clean.

» Will The Safety Sleeper™ enhance my family's flexibility or ability to travel? Is it truly portable?


When we designed the bed in 2008, we were at a crossroads. We realized that if something drastic didn't happen, we would not be traveling for quite a while... and that just wasn't an option. For us, it was a scary and daunting prospect to be stuck at home and never travel again. Today, we use The Safety Sleeper™ on a weekly basis for social activities, like going to a friend's house to watch a hockey game that may go late. We just set the bed up and put our son to bed. Typical families do this sort of thing all the time, but when you have the need for a special sleeping situation it becomes a whole new level of stress. Thanks to The Safety Sleeper™, we have been able to enjoy great trips and vacations together as a family - to Texas, Jamaica, Niagara Falls and Disneyworld.

The portable travel bed, which looks like a tent bed, comes in a suitcase

The Safety Sleeper™ comes in a sturdy suitcase for easy transport.

I have learned that if you are flying with an airline that charges for bags, all you need to do is notify them this is medical equipment for a special needs child/person and they will not charge for that bag. If you come across someone who is unaware or unfamiliar with this practice and tries to charge you, ask for a supervisor. I have been successful in getting our charges refunded plus a future credit after being charged by someone who was not aware of this policy.

The Safety Sleeper™, a travel bed, is truly portable and travels with you providing comfort and a known safe space to your loved one.

This picture shows an earlier model of the The Safety Sleeper™ set up in a hotel room next to a pack 'n play.
The Safety Sleeper™ is about twice the length of a pack 'n play but fits easily in every hotel room I have ever stayed in.

The Safety Sleeper™ is an enclosed bed for special needs children

At a family reunion, we setup the The Safety Sleeper™ (here an earlier model, the design has been updated since) next to the pavillion in the park.
When travelling, we recommend that you exchange the regular mattress with with the air mattress that is shipped with your Safety Sleeper™.

» How long does it take to set up The Safety Sleeper™?
The Safety Sleeper™ is a portable bed that can be assembled in about 10 minutes

The Safety Sleeper™ can be assembled and taken down within 10 to 15 minutes, no tools required, making it ideal for traveling. The Safety Sleeper™ comes with a sturdy suitcase (available in four colors), allowing for easy transportation.

When on the road, we suggest to exchange your standard mattress with an air mattress.
» Learn more about the assembly of The Safety Sleeper™ (video and instructions).

» Has someone purchased The Safety Sleeper™ in my area?

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