Abram's Nation: The Safety Sleeper™: Our Story

Our Story

I am a loving mother of three children the middle of which is Abram who is on the autism spectrum. Like many other families who have a loved one with special needs, I struggled with finding a good solution to protecting my son at night.  There was no product on the market that could support my son's sleeping issues, night wanderings, temper melt-downs and give us the freedom to be a typical family.

I feared for Abram’s safety and out of that fear, The Safety Sleeper™ was developed.

I knew what Abram needed and through meetings with a few trusted people, The Safety Sleeper™ was born.  Our intent was to keep Abram safe and secure, however, once we designed it, we realized the tent-like structure was durable, portable, lightweight (under 25 lb.) AND fun! Over the years, The Safety Sleeper™ has evolved and now offers additional safety features such as our extra safety zipper system, enclosed mattress to protect against entrapment, fire retardant material, stabilizing straps to prevent tipping, and frame pads.

Abram slept in The Safety Sleeper™ from the time he was 2.5 years old till he turned seven. I can’t imagine how I could have gotten through those first few years without The Safety Sleeper™. As Abram got older, he was able to make the choice to sleep in The Safety Sleeper™ fully open or closed.

Rose is the founder, owner and president of Abram's Nation, LLC - The Maker of the Safety Sleeper

Over the years being in The Safety Sleeper™, Abram learned how to calm himself down enough to sleep on his own. When Abram sister’s got her new big girl bed, Abram got very excited. So we bought Abram his first bunk bed! He loved the newness of being a big boy in his bunk bed, but I was concerned for his safety.  We customized a new Safety Sleeper™ for his bunk bed so he can have the best of both worlds. 

Now my goal is to provide every caregiver who struggles with monitoring a loved one's sleeping issues the opportunity to have the same peace of mind we did when our child slept in The Safety Sleeper™. Because safety and security for your family is our utmost concern, we want to be sure The Safety Sleeper™ fits the needs of your loved one. We welcome your calls to hear your needs so that we can develop your bed just like we did for Abram.

The Safety Sleeper™ has helped families all over the world with children or adults suffering from a variety of mental and physical challenges that puts them at risk for unsafe situations at night.

We hope our story can encourage you in your struggles. The Safety Sleeper™ team is ready to help you with any questions you have in understanding how our product can support you in keeping your loved one safe at night.

Safety for your loved one, Security for you, Sweet dreams for everyone