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Travel Tips for the Special Needs Family

Tips from our Safety Sleeper families

For families of special needs children, traveling can be stressful. Over the years, Mom's of special needs children have shared advice and tips on how to make your next family trip a great experience for everyone!

  • I put Day Glo (neon) colors on my child who is prone to wander.
  • I attach a GPS device to my child who wanders for extra security and peace of mind while traveling.
  • I write my name and cell phone number on masking tape and place it in my child's shirt when we fly.
  • We call the hotel ahead of time and ask them to remove the 2nd bed before we arrive so our son has plenty of room to roam in the room and we have added room for the Safety Sleeper.
  • We use the Houndini Stop in our daughter's car seat to prevent her from unbuckling during travel.
  • We break trips up to no more than 90 minute stretches to allow for adequate breaks for the kids.

  • We ensure there are at least 2 toys so our daughter can cycle through them so she doesn't get restless and try to escape from her car seat.

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